The World Unraveled

I often have wondered, do people see what is really going on? Or does their mind just create a screen of what it would like to see? Is it okay for the world to have this hidden identity, because lets be real, that is what it has. People are blind to what is happening. And I hope this blog will open your eyes to it.

How the world is is purely up to us. We are in control of our own lives, our own decisions, our choices, our thoughts, our behaviour etc. Although these are all self related issues, we never realise how this affects other people. Let me give you an example : Say there is a young teenage girl. She is having a very emotional day, (Being seventeen and extremely hormonal), and everything seems to be going wrong. Her toe gets stubbed, she messes her coffee, and when she finally makes her way to school, shit gets worse.

Her boyfriend is being extremely ugly to her, not hugging her, not showing her any respect or sign that they are together at all. She eventually confronts the situation, and they end up having a huge outburst of what seems stupid. Heart broken, they decide to break up.

She goes home and tells her younger sister of it, sobbing and heartbroken. Her younger sister now makes a secret vow to herself that she will never date again. Being 14, this seems very unreasonable, but she keeps this promise when she grows up. A man who is madly in love with her finds out that she is not interested, as her experience of her sisters heart break has scarred her. The man gets angry, and takes it out on his employees, causing the office to be in a very bad mood. One of the workers is a single mother, and all she wanted was to have a good day. Now that her boss has crapped on her, she goes home, and sobs.

She ends up shouting at her brother, a recovering drug addict, who loses it and ends up beating her up. He doesn’t realise it, but she eventually bleeds to death when he storms off. Her baby now is an orphan.

I can go on forever, but I think you understand what I am getting at. Its all a ripple effect. One thing that gets to you, will affect others, and it will go on like a wave.

Things happen. You don’t know it, but they do. The reason you don’t know it is because they do not let you, because it happens behind closed doors. A man may show that he is devoted, passionate and madly in love with his wife, but the reason she is so thick with base is to hide her blue eye he gave her last night.

You hear about men being found and rescued from having being kidnapped for three years, and everyone sees the good, as a cover up for what really went on. Nobody knows of the torture of the past. No one knows of how they were beaten, whipped, starved and more. People think of how they might have slept on a pile of hay, and probably how all those men thought about escaping and being free, when in actual fact, they wished to die, and often attempted to.

People see a sad little teenage girl, and think its just hormones and that she is just going through a phase, but in actual fact, her heart is dying, she has given up, and planned to cut her wrists and get it over and done with.

People see a woman who is going through a rough time financially, and say that she probably hates the man for firing her, when in actual fact, she just wishes for a good meal, other than baked beans and toast.

People cover things up, to try justify the situation, to try cover up what they know is the truth.

People post the sad things, and how the humans are abusing animals, and how everyone must donate money. Tell me: What is money going to help? You know what will help? Everyone getting in their cars, getting guns and gunning them down. No animal deserves such torture.

Donate to cancer children! Money might help them with their treatment, but no money can help with the emotional scars they will be left with.

People see what is in front of them, and not what is hidden, the worst part of it. People make a fantastical situation to cover up what they know is actually going on. They see a woman leaving a wealthy home with a ‘loving’ husband, but don’t see what happens behind doors. And what do people do then, once they have jumped to conclusions? They judge.

They express the first thing that comes to mind, and once its out, its out. Next time you see something, or hear something, think deeper. Think about what really happened, and not with what has been said. It might just all be lies.